23 Things on Monday’s List

  1. Wake to the avian overture to your meteorological opera
  2. Whisper the first recitative in your lover’s ear as you rise
  3. Don silk the color of the western horizon at dawn
  4. Ease through the door and into the morning garden
  5. Salute the blue skies
  6. Flit among the English lavender
  7. Burrow beneath the carrots without a sound
  8. Roust the snails and sow bugs that hide between cabbage leaves
  9. Startle earthworms with noble verse
  10. Rest during the midday intermission, but cry out for clouds to appear
  11. Sing a late afternoon love duet with the wren on the beanpole
  12. Waltz among the squash and tango over the tomatoes
  13. Chant to the heroic sunset
  14. Fly with the bats in the twilight, hunting for gnats at the garden’s edge
  15. Howl, but wait until moonrise
  16. Listen for distant yips from the chorus of coyotes
  17. Return their calls note for note (but in a different key)
  18. Fly through the garden again, much slower this time
  19. Carry lettuce in an offering to the stars
  20. Sing your final aria with the voice of dry leaves rustling
  21. Find your place for the curtain call (close to the fennel)
  22. Graciously accept your admiring lover’s gift of a thousand flowers
  23. Revel in thunderous applause from the gathered dragonflies

(appeared in Air Conditioning and Other Pleasures)


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